FYR: Cheap men don’t get dates

From today’s NY Times, a study came out saying that a frugal man is less attractive to women. Now, to be fair, the article does go through the various connotations for the word “frugal;” but it seems that the women who were studied associated the term with being stingy. In this economy, however, I’d like to think that being more careful with your money is a good thing.


One part that struck me, though, was when a 61-year-old writer and “experienced online dater” named BJ Gallagher said, “To most women, love looks like ‘Take care of me and buy me things.'”

I was even more surprised to find out that Gallagher is a woman. Perhaps being 61, she is a bit old fashioned. While most of us would like to find a man who knows how to take care of his money, we’re not looking to be trophy wives or gold diggers. As smart, financially secure women, most of us just want to find someone who is as intelligent and independent as we are.


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About the Author: Elissa writes about her experiences with her career and relationships and the difficulty in keeping the balance, especially while wearing 4-inch heels.
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