FYR: Speaking of douche bags in the office…

I used the words “douche bags” in two posts this week, so I thought since it’s Friday, we’ll continue with the theme.

I saw this ad a few weeks ago, when it was featured on Huffington Post and Consumerist and a few other places. Wow, it is bad. When I saw it, I thought it was a joke, like a print version of the SNL commercial parodies. It’s advice on how to ask for a raise… presented by Summer’s Eve.

Someone got paid to write this!  While I feel bad for a person whose job is to write ads for naughty-bits wash, I am willing to place a bet that person gets paid more than I do, so I’d like to think he/she would be smarter than this.

In what profession does the cleanliness of your nether regions determine your confidence and success? Well, I guess that’s why it says “Great job on the XXX project.” So we know who they’re catering to – porn stars and ladies who screw their bosses for raises.

Now, I didn’t take it too seriously. I simply laughed at how bad it was. But the ad offended a lot of people, with good reason.  The outrage became so bad that Summer’s Eve Brand Manager Angela Bryant (now we know the person who gets paid more than I do to sell cooter cleaners), went on crisis control, responding to blogs, issuing a statement, and setting up a Twitter feed (@Eve_Cares) and email account (summerseve_cares@cbfleet.com) for concerned citizens.

So Summer’s Eve has said “sorry, our bad!” and basically pleaded ignorance. But what I want to know is, when Angela had to go to her boss and fess up to the disaster, was her vagina clean?


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6 Responses to FYR: Speaking of douche bags in the office…

  1. I loved this post! Although I have not seen this particular ad, I am continuously amazed at the amount of poorly written, poorly conceived advertisements out there–I’ve even seen highway billboards with misspelled words on them (I wonder how much those ads cost?)!

    • elissasblog says:

      Thanks! I have no idea how much they cost either, but some companies have advertising budgets in the millions, so they certainly aren’t cheap. And when they’re spending so much money, you think they could pay an intern $10 to proofread! I’ll be posting one more follow up on this today. BlogHer did a GREAT analysis on advertising through the years. Thanks for reading!

  2. Mandie says:

    Loved this post E. I saw this on HuffPo too. You should ask Angela about this… “But what I want to know is, when Angela had to go to her boss and fess up to the disaster, was her vagina clean?”

    • elissasblog says:

      Thanks M! Poor Angela. This had to be a nightmare, and we do all make bonehead moves at work… hers was just really public and HILARIOUS! I hope she also considers her freshness when she is interviewing for other jobs and handing in her resignation to her boss.

  3. John says:

    Thanks Elissa for my laugh for the day! Last week was Ad Conference. We had a good copy/ad session. This one definitely wouldn’t have made the cut!

    • elissasblog says:

      You’re quite welcome, John! Not only did someone have to write it, but it had to go through rounds of editing… and no one questioned it! I got a kick out of it and had to share. Maybe next year’s conference should have a session on Bad-vertising!

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