FYR: Newsweek article says men are the new minority on college campuses

This article appeared in this week’s Newsweek, studying the trends and ratios between men and women in higher education.

Are Men the New Minority? With more women on campus, some male activists are now crying foul.

First off, “Men’s Studies”? Yes please! Sign me up! The article gos on saying that since 2000, women have accounted for 57% of college students and are continuing to academically outperform those of the less-fair sex. A few people apparently see this as a problem are advocating that universities start using Affirmative Action practices to accept more men.

Now, I’m sorry, guys, but there are far more things wrong with the university application and admittance process that we can fix before we even talk about this. How many years were women only 10, 20 or 30% of the population with college degrees?

This has only been the trend over the last 10 years. Can you at least give us a generation? Just a few more years, and then a generation of powerful, intelligent women will rule the workforce and maybe, just maybe, they’ll lift the glass ceiling or break it all together. But also, if men don’t want to be outperformed by women, then to me a simple solution is to just tell them to try a little harder.

Rock on, ladies.


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