FYR: ESPN – snowboarding video is anything but “Standard”

My mom will probably read this, so I have to apologize for the language. But there is no other way to say it: Everything about this kicks ass.
Exclusive video: Women’s segment of Standard Films’ new movie, “The Storming.” – ESPN

First, my friend Steph wrote an article for ESPN – because she kicks ass. And then the article is about a video produced entirely with women snowboarders – because they kick ass. You know I LOVE anything that deals with women venturing (or in this case, dare I say “shredding”?) into realms dominated by men. So when looking at the worlds of sports writing and snowboarding, all I can say is, “Kick ass, ladies. Kick ass.”

Congrats, Steph, for making the “Must Read” section of ESPN! And congrats to Erin, Hana, Leanne, Raewyn and Kimmy on the video. I’d like to avoid excessive profanity, but seriously, you ladies kick ass.


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