FYR: Huff Post lists “The Most Popular Jobs in America”

Huffington Post: The Most Popular Jobs in America

Photo courtesy: Huffington Post

The most “populated” jobs, yes, but I wouldn’t say these are the most “popular” jobs. That makes it sound like we all want these jobs.

Only teachers and RN’s require any type of degree, and for GMs and accountants it isn’t required, but it certainly helps. Luckily, the ones that require degrees are the highest salaries on the list. For the other jobs – the cashiers, retail staff, janitors, secretaries, waiters/waitresses – we’ve all been there.  These jobs require little training, and you can work part-time when you’re a student or job searching for another gig. I wouldn’t say they are the most “popular” because no one really wants to do those jobs. People do them because they have to.

That being said, I loved the four years I worked as a cashier at a grocery store. Oh, those were simpler days. My biggest worry was making sure I didn’t break customers’ eggs or crush their bread while bagging.


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