FYR: For women, slow progress in getting to the executive suite

Looking at this article for exactly what it is, just statistics, I’m OK with it.
For women, slow progress in getting to the executive suite

Indra Nooyi, CEO and Chairman of the Board at Pepsico. In about 10 years from now, she will have a lot more female company at the top.

I wish the writer would have delved into reasoning for why the number of women in high-ranking positions is still vastly behind men.  But, I guess that’s what bloggers like me are for. The comments beneath the article give some very valid points. Many women leave the work force to have families; they stay at companies rather than take the risk to switch companies and jump up the corporate ladder.

But the reason I think is most prominent is that we haven’t been in the work force as long as men. Sure, we do make up 50% of the work force, but that certainly wasn’t the case 25-30 years ago. That would have been when today’s CEO’s were in college. Less women were putting themselves on track to be CEO’s at that time. The writer does point out that women CEO’s are increasing in numbers.

So I just say, be patient. 25-30 years from now, the numbers will be much more even.


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