Daily Shoe-topia: Juicy Couture snow boots

Juicy Couture "Everest" Wedge Heel Boots. Available at Bloomingdales.com

Today’s Shoe-topia is dedicated to all my snowed in friends and readers on the East Coast. After a few winters in NYC, I have learned that the absolute worst thing to wear on snowy sidewalks is high heels. So for today, I am foregoing my usual recommendation, and I found a fabulous pair of boots that I would love to wear today. With most of the schools and offices closed, today is a day to catch up with a friend over a glass of wine or cup of hot chocolate, and these boots are what I would wear to do it!

So if you’re venturing out on the snowy streets in the East or heading to apres-ski in the Rocky Mountains, get a great pair of boots and enjoy the snow and the coziness of the season.

PS. I own a pair of Juicy Couture snow boots and I can vouch that not only do they look fashionable, but they are well made and they keep your feet warm and dry.


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About the Author: Elissa writes about her experiences with her career and relationships and the difficulty in keeping the balance, especially while wearing 4-inch heels.
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