FYR: Birth control celebrates 50 years (New York Mag article)

This article was published in New York Magazine about a month ago. And since the day I read it while spending a morning at the salon a few weeks ago, I have wanted to share it with my readers and get their thoughts. It’s fascinating!

Waking Up From the Pill: How the Pill Changed the World, and the Fertility Problems It’s Causing Women Today

Who knew birth control cases could be so fashionable?

The birth control pill just celebrated it’s 50th birthday. Like the title of the article says, it really did change the world. The article does mention the positives: sexual freedom, putting us (not men or our bodies) in control of having children. Some of us may even credit the pill with women’s advancement in the workplace, since we can dedicate our 20’s to having a career not a family.

However, and this is where the article gets interesting, the author suggests that the pill has created new worries for women. Staying on the pill into our 30’s, we miss the time when it’s easiest to get pregnant. It’s not not that the pill makes us less fertile, it’s just that we’re waiting longer to have kids, so our baby-making mechanics have slowed down. So rather than worrying, “Oh my goodness, am I going to get pregnant?” the pill has created a generation of women worrying, “Oh my goodness, am I going TO BE ABLE to get pregnant?”

We can’t win!

The author continue with the rise of industries and costs for everything women in their 30’s and 40’s do to bring on the babies: IVF, egg donors, freezing eggs, fertility shots, ovulation monitors, etc.

Will all this worry make more women hesitate before going on the pill? I doubt it. I am a firm believer that it should be dispensed in high schools and available over the counter, without a prescription. Then again, if that happened and teen pregnancy decreased, MTV would have nothing to show for six hours a day.

But the new dilemma just adds one more twist to the question, “What do we want, and when do we want it?”


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