FYR: Forbes article, 15 Jobs where Women Earn More than Men

When I saw the title of this article, I was excited.  Jobs where women are earning more than men.  And then I started reading it and thinking, “Could the wage gap seriously be closing?”  The first paragraph certainly says so. And then I read the article even further, and realized that it was a sham.  I felt like I was reading something out of the 1960’s, saying “Girls, yes, you can make great livings as secretaries and waitresses!”

Photo credit: Forbes slideshow "15 Jobs Where Women Earn More than Men."

The article has an accompanying slideshow by Forbes on 15 jobs where women earn more than men.  That’s 15 jobs, not careers.  They are jobs like bookkeepers, bakers, technicians, restaurant and bar attendants and teaching assistants.  What bothered me about the article is the author’s reasoning for women making more in these fields: seniority, ability to earn higher tips, high male turnover, and unions.   I think it should be noted, too, that for many of the jobs (not all), there isn’t a need for higher education.  So while the author tried to make it sound like women were making strides in workplace equality, she actually either told us what we already knew or set us back a few steps.  I do love cupcakes, but I am not about to celebrate that women bakers make more than male counterparts.

I give it another 10 years before we see some real changes in the wage gap.   Women are now outnumbering men in the workforce and earning higher degrees.  It will just take some time before this generation of over-achievers becomes VP’s, CEO’s and high-level decision makers, across all fields of business.  But don’t worry, it will happen.  Don’t let this article fool you. We’ve come a long way, baby, and the best is yet to come!


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2 Responses to FYR: Forbes article, 15 Jobs where Women Earn More than Men

  1. K says:

    Why include construction managers on that list and then note that, well, they don’t actually have data to back it up? And did you notice what isn’t on that list? Ya. Engineers. But I’m not bitter or anything.

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