Thanks, GQ. Football season never looked so good.

While he may never wear a Super Bowl ring (unless he borrows Santonio Holmes'), at least he looks good wearing his team's colors!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year….  Football season is here!   This is the only reason why I look forward to temperatures getting cooler (I complain about the weather a lot, don’t I?).  I can’t believe that only six weeks ago we were wondering if there would even be a season.  But the wait is over!  The season starts this week, so by now I hope you have dusted off your jerseys and stocked the fridge with beer.  And I want to say thank you to GQ for giving us girls a little eye candy before the season starts.  September GQ cover story: “Broadway Mark”
I am no fan of Mark Sanchez (mark my words, the Jets will never win a Super Bowl with him at the helm), but I can’t say the boy doesn’t look good with his shirt off.  I know fellow QB Aaron Rodgers wasn’t a fan of the photo spread, but Aaron, you have a Super Bowl ring and we actually take you seriously as a quarterback.  I really can’t take Mark seriously, so I prefer to see him in GQ spreads rather than in football games.

Now, if Aaron was referring to the photo of Mark in the black tank top and white pants, then I might have to agree with him – that’s not the best look.  But as for the shot of him in athletic pants and no shirt on the field, now we’re talkin’!

And don’t think I forgot about this spread of him in 2009 on the beach!   June 2009: Built for the Beach

Happy Football Season!


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