Weekly Columns

Here are all of my past columns in one, easy-to-find (but nearly impossible to format!) place.   ~ Elissa

Santorum surge is scary in so many ways.

Posted on January 4, 2012

I never wanted to get into politics on this site.  I just wanted to do some light-hearted writing about my experiences in love and my career, and also have some fun with shoes and women’s fashion.  But after last night’s … Continue reading →

The Intruder. Ladies Weekend will never be the same!

In November of last year I made the venture outside of NYC for an event that has occurred a few times a year for the last seven years: Ladies Weekend.  It is a weekend my girlfriends from college set aside … Continue reading →

Agreed! Study says unemployment bad for one’s health

MSNBC.com had a small article on this study today: Job Loss Greatly Increases Risk of Premature Death, Especially in Men As someone who was unemployed for six months, I can 100% back up these results.   When I was unemployed, I … Continue reading →

I love boys who love girls

So it’s Valentine’s Day, and I’m sure many of you are probably expecting a post about how single girls should embrace the day with empowerment and confidence, saying it’s just another day. I have read a few of those posts … Continue reading →

525,600 minutes

How do you measure, measure a year? Last year at this time, I was celebrating the holidays and looking forward to a New Year with a boyfriend of two years, so wonderfully in love. However, I was not looking forward … Continue reading →

Santa’s Little Helper

We have officially hit the holiday season. I know this because Elf was on the other night. I don’t care how early decorations are up or if carols are playing in my favorite coffee shop. I am in denial about … Continue reading →

P-p-p-poker face, P-p-poker face

Think about all of the people you encounter throughout your life. This includes childhood friends, the hundreds of people in high school, the thousands at your college campus, all of your coworkers or clients, colleagues you meet at conferences, and … Continue reading →

Generation “Y” for “Yeah, we’re kind of a big deal.”

It is difficult to pinpoint exactly who is in Generation Y. Some say it’s everyone born between 1970 and 1990, but I don’t think anyone who was old enough to actually understand the adult jokes on Pee Wee’s Playhouse and … Continue reading →

Me and my not-so expert opinions.

While I have had this blog up for a few weeks, I have yet to complete the “About the Author” profile that WordPress sets up for each of the blogs on the site.  In a small amount of space, I … Continue reading →

Dear Coco.

Coco Chanel. The name is synonymous with style. We have her to thank for the little black dress and nautical striped shirts. In 1926 she designed her signature tweed jacket and matching skirts. This simple, elegant design became a classic … Continue reading →

To Have and Have Not: Choosing between love, career and Oreos.

I write about balancing our professional lives and personal lives and the sacrifices that we make for one or the other. It is a balancing act indeed. But when the line is drawn in the sand, and you absolutely have … Continue reading →

A plea: Please don’t give the “F*ck List” writer a book deal

Wow. For research purposes, I just read the entire 42-page slide show “Duke F*ck List,” by former student Karen Owen. “Wow” is my initial reaction. If you want to see it, it’s here on Jezebel. Why am I writing about … Continue reading →

Modern technology is making me psycho.

We don’t want to be crazy, really we don’t. We are talented, intelligent, and confident women… most of the time. But we have to admit that we all have our moments. It is in these moments that the zit on … Continue reading →

With new site, NFL says “Women, we love you… so much it hurts.”

Yesterday the NFL announced that it is launching a new women-centric website: http://women.nfl.com/.   The league is finally acknowledging that a large percentage if its fan base is women, and now it has launched a full-on campaign, devoting millions of … Continue reading →

The Modern Princesses: Do we have Disney to thank for the likes of Paris Hilton?

Posted on September 21, 2010 by elissasblog

I walked by a magazine rack yesterday and on two covers I saw the smiling face of Lauren Conrad. Other than being on a The Hills, can someone please tell me what she has done and why we should care? … Continue reading →

The Résumé

We all have to do it. Whether we’re aiming for our first or fourth jobs, at some point we sit down and create or update our résumés. We look at ourselves and sum up all of our accomplishments into one … Continue reading →

3’s a crowd

You’re out late at night. You’re not returning his calls. You’re distracted. You get messages and emails at all hours of the night. You aren’t paying attention when he’s talking. You’re not interested in having sex. Either you’re cheating…. or … Continue reading →

The Wild Queen-dom

In the animal kingdom, the ladies make the rules. Survival of entire species depends on the males’ ability to impress females, and the male hopes upon his wildest dreams that one lovely lady selects him to be her mate. When … Continue reading →

“27 + 2″

When I was 27, I was asked what I thought the perfect age was. My response: 27. Because at that age, you’re young enough to still have fun and make mistakes, but you’re also old enough to know better. My … Continue reading →


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